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The Vision:


The college has since passed through various phases of its evolution weathering different socio-political situations, shaping and re-shaping its goals and objectives in response to the external environment. It came up with a consolidated vision and mission while celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 1999-2000; much had changed over half a century after its foundation.


The vision is enshrined in its motto sha vidya ya bimuktaye, which, translated from Sanskrit into English, stands as ‘That is knowledge which leads to freedom’. Both knowledge and freedom are loaded concepts and have many dimensions. On the practical level it means that learning releases one from the bondage of ignorance. So, it is knowledge which enables one to succeed in worldly life.


The Mission:

It is the mission of the college to be an educational institution that provides quality education at the undergraduate level to residents of a backward district like Birbhum and the adjoining districts, as also to promote talented students by providing them the best possible undergraduate level infrastructural facility to academically nourish them for playing a positive role in the emerging situation.