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Subject Combinations for Arts Students:

A student admitted in Honours Course in a subject is required to opt for two general subjects and a General Course student has to study three subjects. Every student at the time of admission should choose subject combinations carefully from the list of subjects given below as the subject combination once chosen is final and can’t be changed. Students are advised to consult their parents and teachers of the college before selecting any particular combination of subjects. A student may choose either

Bengali or Philosophy

History or Sanskrit or Mathematics

Education or Physical Education or Geography

Economics or English or Political Science


i.                    A students admitted in Hons course cannot take Geography or Physical Education as a combination subject.

ii.                  There is limited number of seats in Geography (General) and Physical Education. Seats in these two subjects would be filled up on “First-Cum-First Serve” basis.

Subject Combinations for Science Students:

A student of Science stream needs to select subject combinations from the list of subjects as mentioned below for Hons as well as General Courses.

Academic Programme

 Hons Subject

General Subjects

B. Sc (Hons)







Mathematics & Chemistry

Mathematics &Physics

Physics & Chemistry

Chemistry& Zoology

Chemistry & Botany

Physics & Mathematics

B.Sc (General)



Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

Physics, Mathematics & Economics

Botany, Zoology & Chemistry


Subject Combinations for Commerce Stream:

A student desires to get admission in Commerce Stream may opt Accountancy Hons and the General Course student will have to study all the usual papers of Commerce.