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Bolpur College NCC unit was initiated more than five decades ago. Since then the unit has been functioning with utmost sincerity and goodwill. It is a part of 50 Bengal Battalion. At present the unit has sanctioned strength of 160 cadets inclusive of boys and girls.

Weekly parade:

The weekly parade of NCC unit takes place on every Wednesday from 08.00 am to 10.00 am. On Sundays classes are held by the unit care taker officer and sometimes by the PI staff from the battalion. The roll strength of the unit for the last three academic years is as follows –


NCC cadets attend various state level and national camps as and when required and opportunity available. Students have attended camps such as Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC), Thal Sena Camp (TSC), National Integration Camp (NIC), Rock Climbing Training Camp(RCTC),Water Rafting Camp (RTC), Army Attachment Camp (ATC) and others. In the academic year 2014-15 as many as 94 cadets (74 boys and 20 girls) have attended these camps.

In 2013-14 academic year 28 boys and  19 girls (total 47) have attended CATC  and NIC. As many as 45 boys and 12 girls (total 67) attended CATC, RCTC and Trekking camps.

Social Extension Programs / Activities:

Bolpur College NCC unit has been organizing various social extension programs which have brought in a lot of health and social awareness not only among the cadets but also among the residents of Bolpur. On 24th Aug 2014 the cadets organized Blood Donation Camp inside the premise Bolpur Town Club. Several cadets donated blood to the rescue of the critical and ailing patients. This was much appreciated by the district administration.

On 17th Nov 2015 the unit organized Traffic Control Program at thee important junctions of Bolpur town with the help of PI staff from the Battalion. Not less than 40 cadets divided themselves into three different groups and controlled traffic at major points.

The Unit sought formal permission from Bolpur Police Station and duly informed the district administration. After such an endeavour PI staff imparted further lessons to the cadets.

The Unit also organized No Smoking week in order to create awareness about health hazards among the college students and the local residents. Many students were benefited in such an endeavour. The PI staff from the Battalion also joined hands to encourage the cadets. 

Other than the above the Unit has also organised in the past Blood Group Determination program on 16th Sept 2014 in the Sian hospital where 68 cadets participated. International Yoga Divas organized on 21st June 2015 was attended by as many as 14 cadets. 

Ceremonial Parades:

Bolpur College NCC Unit has always led three ceremonial parades in the local sub division since its inception. Ceremonial Parade of 15th August every year takes place in the college ground in which local schools such as Bolpur High School, Bolpur NNB School, Bandhgora High School have been participating. During the 15th Aug celebration Bolpur Sailabala Girls High School also joined the parade. The Parade is followed by cultural program by children from Kishalaya School and Karate program.

Another two occasions when the College Unit takes pride in organizing are 23rd January and 26th January every year. During the last few consecutive years Bolpur College has bagged the 1st prize in Parade display. The College takes pride in such excellence of the NCC unit year after year. The SDO himself hands over the prizes on these occasions.