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Bolpur College provides a Multi Gym Facility for all students. Under the initiative of Principal Dr. Nursadh Ali, the Multi Gym Facility was introduced on February 20, 2020. The inauguration of the Gym center was honored by Padmashree Awardee Dr. Sushovon Banerjee and Minister Mr. Chandranth Sinha. Aligning with the adage "A Healthy Mind resides in a Healthy Body," a professionally managed environment is created for the students. Recognizing the importance of both physical and mental health in individual wellbeing, the campus is equipped with an indoor gymnasium. It features quality equipment such as treadmills and strength machines for exercise and workouts. In summary, the gym provides an ideal atmosphere for the students' overall and sound development.

Bolpur College takes pride in presenting its modern, up-to-date, and fully-equipped gymnasium, an essential aspect of the college's robust infrastructure. The motto behind establishing the college gymnasium is "a sound mind in a sound body." The gymnasium is open to all students and staff on a payment basis of Rs. 200 per month for three days a week. However, it is maintained primarily for students involved in the sports curriculum. It is a vibrant space with numerous activities and positive energy. It offers almost every required facility, from treadmills to cross-trainers, from cycling machines to twisters, and more. Additionally, the gymnasium features an eight-station exercise set, a five-station exercise set, exercise bikes, weighing equipment, crunch exercise equipment, etc. A gymnasium instructor is available to supervise proper exercise techniques, from breathing exercises to stretching exercises. It enables students to achieve their physical stamina goals, which are essential for vitality of body and tranquility of mind. After all, strength is life, and in today's world, more than ever, strength is desired.



Dr. Nursadh Ali, Principal


Dr. Sk Golam Masum, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science


Dr. Dilip Gorai, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry 

Dr. Buddhadev Mandal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy

Dr. Trarit Kanti Sen, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce 

Mr. Bhumidhar Roy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science 

Mr. Shanku Maharaj Mondal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History

Mr. Sonalal Sk, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sanskrit

Mr. Nekshad Khan, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History

Mrs. Tsheten T. Bhutia, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science

Mr. Atanu Mukherjee, Office Staff 



Cycling (Orbatic)

Multi Gym (Eight Station)

Multi Gym (Five Station)

Cable Cross Over

Shoulder Machine

Weight Machine

Free Weight Olympic Set

Barbell & Dumbell(Rubber Coated)


Gym Balls

Abdominal Bench

Incline Bench Press

Bench Press

Arm Extension Machine

Leg Press

Hand Press

Chest Press

Mirror furnished room for flexon

Regular Medical Check Up and First Aid

Drinking Water