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1 International Property Right: Present Status
2 Research Methodology for Social Sciences
3 Bengali Spelling
4 New Education Policy 2020
5 Swami Vivekananda: New Definition of Religion
6 Beyond the Words: Tools and Techniques of Creative Writing in Bengali
7 Financial Education for Young Citizens
8 Political philosophy of Satinath Bhaduri and his novel ‘JAGARI’
9 Psychological Counseling and Health Camp
10 Introduction to Lie Group Theory
11 Importance of Significance of Human Rights: A Judicial Perspective
12 75 years of Indian Independence
13 Understanding the Methods of Marking and Documenting for Assessment NAAC
14 Psychological Counselling Programme on the Effects of Drugs and Narcotics
15 Relevance of Philosophizing
16 Vidyasagar: Translator or Transcreator?
17 The Environmental Crisis: Causes and Remedies
18 Everything except the adulterant is impure
19 Development: Conceptual Issues
20 Awareness Programme & Workshop on Thalassemia
21 Mathematics is a game, play it!
22 Observing World Book Day
23 How to Pick Shares
24 Realism in the novel of Manik Bandopadhyay’s Putul Naacher Itikatha
25 Relevance of Philosophy in Modern times
26 Significance of the International Women’s Day and Our Duties
27 The Significance of Science Education and the National Science Day
28 Role of Muslim league in the political crisis of India
29 Subjects, Liberty and Equity: Queen Victoria’s proclamations and Bengali Writers (2nd Ramaranjan Mukherjee Memorial Lecture)
30 Goutam Buddha and Rabindranath Tagore Revisited
31 Recent trends in Scientific Engineering and Industrial Research and Environment Concern
32 Craftsmanship of Abanindranath regarding Katum Kutum
33 Crime and Punishment
34 Concept of Surplus in Tagore’s Philosophy
35 Modalities of Green Audit
36 Bookself to Bookshelf
37 Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO)
38 Facets of Labour Discontent in Colonial India
39 Evolution of Bengali Drama: Rabindranath and After
40 Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar— A Social Reformer
41 Trend of Modern Bengali Poetry
42 Importance of Mother Language in Higher Education
43 Indian Poetics Today
44 International Seminar on Baul, Vaishnava and Rabindranath
45 Profound Imagination in Rabindrasangeet
46 Acharya Satyendranath Bose:His Major Discoveries
47 The Value and Utility of Yoga for Overall Fitness