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Vision Statement:

The vision of the college is encapsulated in its motto sa vidya ya vimuktaye which in English means ‘knowledge is what leads to freedom’. Knowledge here implies a holistic idea comprising theoretical as well as practical knowledge developing skill, efficiency, creativity, personality, strong moral, ethical and social values for a purposeful life in a world marked by rapid changes in technology, environmental crises and social, gender and other inequalities. The continuous endeavours of the college is to impart education to the students with large application of fast advancing modern educational tools & techniques, and focusing on sustainable development with special emphasis of women’s freedom.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the college to be an educational institution that provides quality education at the undergraduate and post graduate level to residents of a backward district like Birbhum and the adjoining districts, as also to promote talented students by providing them the best possible infrastructural facility to academically nourish them for playing a positive role in the emerging situation. Our main missions are as follows:

  • To create an atmosphere for the students to free themselves from the division in terms of wealth, caste, community, language  and ignorance through education
  • To act  for protection of environment & make the students aware about its importance
  • To impart highest level of teaching to make the students future leaders of India in all respects.
  • To provide excellent and modern hi-tech infrastructural facilities to our students for improving their skills so that they can compete everywhere with confidence.
  • To take affirmative actions  in favour of girl students aiming women empowerment so that they can equally compete with their male counterparts and become successful in life.
  • To provide, among students, the leadership quality through NSS and NCC activities for making environment conscious & bring social changes and irradiate evil practices present in our society and also lead the humanity from the forefront in case of any emergency situation.  
  • To prepare the students competent for job market by proper orientation with life and technical skills through job orientation courses.