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The National Service Scheme (NSS) is conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. The National Service Scheme (NSS) had its birth on September 24, 1969, during the Gandhi centenary year. The scheme was first launched in 37 universities comprising 40,000 students. NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges, Universities and at +2 levels working for a campus-community linkage. The University Grants Commission headed by Dr. Radhakrishnan recommended introduction of national service in the academic institutions on a voluntary basis with a view to developing healthy contacts between the students and teachers on the one hand and establishing a constructive linkage between the campus and the community on the other hand. Advising them to form a living contact with the community in whose midst their institution is located, he suggested that instead of undertaking academic research about economic and social disability, the students should do "something positive so that the life of the villagers might be raised to a higher material and moral level".

Today the NSS has become the largest Government organization of students in the country comprising members from the +2 level to the college and university levels. The strength of volunteers has now increased to more than 30 lakhs, which makes the NSS one of the largest student forces in the world. The number of students strength increased from 40,000 to over 3.9 million up to the end of June 2023 students in various universities, colleges, and institutions of higher learning have volunteered to take part in various community service programs. The strength of NSS volunteers makes the NSS one of the largest student forces in the world

The NSS has good relations with different government agencies and non-government organizations in implementing its programs for building up community assets and helping the underprivileged people through education and social services. The NSS is useful not only for the development of the student’s personality but also helps promote the unity and integrity of the nation by bringing together young people from diverse geographical and socio-cultural backgrounds. In West Bengal initially Jadavpur University started functioning highly satisfactory allover India in 1969.

Aims of National Service Scheme

The aim of National Service Scheme is “Development of the Personality of Students through Community Service”. As the third component of education, the NSS is a part of our academic, social, and personal lives. It enables students to actively offer their time and talents to the betterment of their society and country, thereby assisting in the development of their personalities. NSS provides the ideal venue for students and youth across the country to become involved in real-life social activities and, as a result, become responsible citizens of India.


The broad objectives of the NSS are to:

  1. Understand the community in which the students work.
  2. Understand themselves about their community.
  3. Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  4. Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in the solution of problems.
  5. Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.
  6. Develop competence required for collective existence and sharing of responsibilities.
  7. Gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
  8. Acquire leadership qualities and a democratic attitude.
  9. Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
  10. Practice national integration and social harmony.

Motto of NSS

“NOT ME BUT YOU” This embodies the essence of democratic living and emphasizes the importance of unselfish service, respect for the other's point of view, and consideration for fellow humans. It emphasizes that an individual's well-being is ultimately dependent on the well-being of society as a whole. 

The NSS Symbol

The National Service Scheme's symbol, which appears on the cover page, is based on the chariot wheel of Odisha's Konark Sun Temple. The Sun Temple's massive wheels represent the cycle of creation, preservation, and release, as well as the movement of life across time and space. The symbol's design, a simplified version of the sun-chariot wheel, emphasizes movement. The wheel represents life's ever-increasing cycle. It represents both continuity and change, implying the NSS's ongoing commitment to societal development and advancement.

Important Thrust Areas: 

NSS of Bolpur College has been working with local communities on several social issues such as Child Marriage, Gender Issues, Dowry, Sex Determination Test, Physical Fitness, Tobacco Substance Abuse, importance of Sports, Yoga Adventure, HIV/AIDS & Adolescent Issues, Water Literacy, National Integration& Social Harmony, Employment & Livelihood issues, Disaster Management and Environment Protection.

Introduction of NSS in the College: 

NSS Unit I was introduced in1977-78 session and the Second Unit has been sanctioned in 2012 with the objective of personality development of the students through community service. During the last academic year (2022-2023) two NSS Units are working with 200 volunteers.

Community Service provided by Bolpur College NSS Units:

The NSS units of the College actively participated in the following community services:

  • Cleaning the college and local environment
  •  Plantation
  •  Literacy mission
  • Community health programmes
  • Welfare of women and childcare
  • Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, and Cultural Activities

A neighbouring village of Bolpur town, Muluk under Muluk-Sian Gram Panchayat has been adopted by the NSS Unit I. After the adoption of this village, the NSS Unit bonded with the village to give their best to uplift them socially. Right from working for their hygienic awareness to making them economically self-sufficient, our students have changed the outlook of the villagers. We also organise various social and educational awareness programme in collaboration with Bharat Sevashram Sangha, situated within the village. Not only has the local community benefitted, the students too have experienced the joy that comes from selfless service. In order to bring smiles on the faces of deprived people, students visit the local Old Age Home.

A neighbouring village of Bolpur College, Bondanga, under Kankalitala Gram Panchayat has been adopted by the NSS Unit II of the college. They have given their best to uplift them socially. Most of the villagers belong to the tribal community. Right from working for their hygienic awareness to making them economically self-sufficient, NSS has worked with govt. agency for successful implementation of Swatchh Bharat Mission and District Administration has declared the all villages of the Panchayat under SBM.  NSS volunteers have helped to increase awareness of the community in various matters. The purpose of the nutrition programmes is to aware the parents about the health of their child and also of the female members of family which also include proper cooking procedure through demonstration as it helps to frame a healthy society. The aim is to inculcate change of life-style through low-cost nutrition and hygiene awareness among the villagers. Normal works are carried throughout the year on a regular basis. These include cleaning the college campus and surrounding area, plantation of college campus, organising seminars on various social and educational issues, organising cultural programmes.

During 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-21, 2021-2022 & 2022-23(except session 2021-22) special camps of 7 days each were organized by the two units of the college to undertake various activities. The NSS unit observes and organizes various programmes on all International and National Importance days like Yoga day, World Human Rights Day, National Voters day, Environment day, AIDS, Women’s day, so on.

The two units take up various local, state and central government’s social programs like Clean & Green - plantation of trees, Voters Awareness and enrolment, Swatchh Bharath Campaign, Blood Donation Camps and so on. NSS organizes various awareness Rallies against ill-effects of Drugs, Alcohol, AIDS, Suicides tendencies among youngsters etc. The units also work by adopting village and few local communities to bring awareness on sanitary issues. Students of NSS assist government agencies by take part in various surveys they conduct and immerse with rural India.

Programme Officers: 

Unit-I- Dr. Buddhadev Mandal, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Unit-II- Dr.Sk Golam Masum, Assistant Professor of Political Science